Importance Of Horticulture Research

Horticulture research refers to the study of plants and their biological activities in the environment. In this context, it is also referred to as horticulture or agriculture research. It is important to build a framework for understanding how horticulture influences society, economy and society as a whole. The major objectives of this discipline are to understand the needs of the environment and the needs of the various sectors of society. This has led to the development of numerous papers on the subject.

Horticulture Research journals

Horticulture Research is governed by several journals that are published internationally. These journals are written by eminent persons in this field. Some of the most prominent members of the Horticulture Research Council are Professor R S Latta, K Gopalakrishnan, F VS Swaminath, Professor A Raghuvela, S Kulkarni, K Sahoo, M Sundaram, Y Vaidya, Professor S Gopalakrishna and Dr C J Vaidya. Journal of Horticulture Education is a peer-reviewed, online academic publication that publishes peer-reviewed articles related to all aspects of horticulture science. This is a specialized journal. Journal of Horticulture Science is a student periodical that presents advance research on new methods and practices related to horticulture science.

Horticulture Research comprises numerous professional organizations that have responsibility for the dissemination of knowledge and techniques related to horticulture science. Some of the major organizations are Horticulture Forum, Horticulture Research Institute, Horticulture Planning and Policy Association of India, International Horticulture Society, International Horticulture Congress, International Horticulture Council, Horticulture Marketing Association of South Africa, Horticulture Asia, and Horticulture Marketing and Development Association of Southeast Asia. All these organizations have an annual meeting, Horticulture Trade Show, that brings together different experts from various parts of the world. The conference facilitates exchange of information and experience on the new technologies related to horticulture science and also organizes special workshops and seminars to share ideas and experiences related to horticulture science.

The horticulture industry

The horticulture industry employs approximately 5 million people. As far as the profitability of this horticulture industry is concerned, it has been fluctuating since years. There is still much scope for improvement in horticulture science and the industry will definitely grow in the future. As a result, the employment graph for horticulture scientists and professionals will also increase in the coming years.

Horticulture research is also important for the sake of improved quality of horticulture products. With advanced technology and new improved tools it has become possible to produce larger and better fruits and vegetables compared to the traditional methods. This has resulted in the horticulture industry earning huge revenues annually. Research into horticulture science and horticulture related technologies has contributed significantly to increase in productivity and profit margins.

Horticulture science involves application of science based principles for the design, development, propagation and management of horticulture plants and crop. The main areas of focus in horticulture include pest control, plant nutrition, horticulture science, water availability, soil fertility and horticultural product production.

It has been an aim of the horticulture industry to improve their quality by introducing new technology and concepts. As a result there has been a considerable growth in the number of students involved in horticulture research.