Stereotype as a phenomenon of cultural space

The stereotype is an ingrained attitude to events and phenomena, developed based on comparing them with internal ideals, which, as a rule, are not directly related to reality. In a broad sense, cultural stereotypes as part of the worldview can be seen as a carrier of collective ideas, a reflection of power relations, a manifestation of implicit knowledge, and motivation for social practice. Above all, its comprehensive study is relevant from the standpoint of the anthropological version of culturology, which, studying the specifics of the subject of cultural activity, aims to provide him with pragmatic, adaptive, and appropriate knowledge. At the same time, stereotypes are often identified with traditions, customs, myths, and rituals. Despite the unconditional similarity of stereotypes with traditions and customs, it should be noted that stereotypes differ significantly from them in their psychological basis. Research of cultural stereotypes, their stability, and selection is connected with the needs of modern life. Thus, writing cultural stereotype essay, and studying and researching such a phenomenon is obligatory for every student. Artificially created images-representations are beginning to play an active role in shaping the mentality of contemporaries and possibly future generations.

How to write an essay about cultural stereotype?

An essay is a popular presentation genre used in publications to assess authorial skills. Writing such work will not be difficult if you consider all the nuances and carefully read the design rules. So, the essay does not have a clear structure, but there are certain components that you can focus on when writing:

  • the introduction contains a couple of suggestions that reflect the problem and its relevance;
  • three or more theses that are substantiated by different information;
  • a brief conclusion that summarizes the whole story.

Despite the free form of presentation acceptable for an essay, there is a basic principle of writing a text: thesis – the disclosure of the thesis – proof or refutation of the thesis. The main part of the text, which discusses the problem, is the argumentation of the theses. It can be either a confirmation of the expressed opinion or its refutation. The text cannot consist only of one’s reflections; it must include arguments and facts. The essay must include interesting facts; it is not limited to dry stories and enumeration of arguments. Adding jokes and showing a sense of humor will enliven the work and place the reader with the author.

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